Platform: A New Dawn of American Greatness

I'm a proud American and Floridian. Our beautiful and diverse state has given me and my family a home, where we've been blessed to freely pursue our dreams and stake out an honest living. 

Florida is now one of the leading states in the nation, and is among the top 4 biggest economies in the country. Together, we can make Florida the epicenter of American productivity and culture.

By combining innovation, togetherness, and smart business sense, we will build a new age of Greatness for Florida and America: one where our people have good jobs, our kids get ahead, our streets are safe, and our vets are taken care of. 

My plan is designed for hardworking, tax-paying, everyday Americans--not the special interests and lobbyists that run the Washington Cartel. This is my platform for America:


No American will miss basic medical care by inability to pay

I will offer a far-reaching set of proposals for improving America's health care and making it available more fairly to more people. I will propose:

  • A program to insure that no American family will be prevented from obtaining basic medical care by inability to pay.

  • I will propose a major increase in and redirection of aid to medical schools, to greatly increase the number of doctors and other health personnel.

  • Incentives to improve the delivery of health services, to get more medical care resources into those areas that have not been adequately served, to make greater use of medical assistants, and to slow the alarming rise in the costs of medical care.

  • New programs to encourage better preventive medicine, by attacking the causes of disease & injury, and by providing incentives to doctors to keep people well rather than just to treat them when they are sick.

  • I will also ask for an appropriation of $100 million to launch an intensive campaign to find a cure for cancer.

Family & Children

The secret of mastering change in today's world is to reach back to old and proven principles, and to adapt them with imagination and intelligence to the new realities of a new age. As we look back at those old principles, we find them as timely as they are timeless:

  • I believe in independence, and self-reliance, and the creative value of the competitive spirit.

  • I believe in the family as the keystone of the community, and in the community as the keystone of the Nation.

  • I believe that a person should get what he works for--and that those who can, should work for what they get.

  • I believe in the capacity of people to make their own decisions in their own lives, in their own communities--and I believe in their right to make those decisions.In applying these principles, we have done so with the full understanding that what we seek in two thousand and seventeen, what our quest is, is not merely for more, but for better for a better quality of life for all Americans.

Budget & Economy

We should address the deficit through spending cuts, not tax increases. The deficit exists not because the American people are undertaxed but because the US government overspends.


Teachers have to get back to the basics--a tougher curriculum, more time in the classroom for each student, and raises for teachers based on performance as well as seniority.

Without these and other measures, such as parental choice, our young people will fall so far behind that we will run the risk of entering the next century as a nation of semi-literates in a world of PhDs.

Charter/private schools in this country [save] the American taxpayer $ billions annually in school operating costs, plus  $ billions in new school construction. And the impact would fall most heavily upon our central cities, where in some cases as many as 1/3 of all children attend charter/private schools.

We must break the monopoly of the education establishment over public schools and introduce competitive market forces into the system to improve its performance.Vocational Education in High School – In today’s changing economic environment, the next generation of laborers will most likely become independent contractors, rather than employees.

The current educational structure does not adequately prepare a high school graduate to make a decent living and care for their families, causing an unnecessary burden on government assistance programs. Therefore, the national educational program should include the completion of a certification of trade upon graduation.

Energy & Oil

For most of our history, a plentiful supply of energy is something the American people have taken for granted. But that assumption has been brought sharply into question within the last year. To help meet this challenge, my program includes the following elements:

  • An expanded program to convert coal into a clean gaseous fuel

  • Make available the energy resources on federal lands

  • Acceleration of oil and gas lease sales on the Outer Continental Shelf, along with stringent controls to protect the environment

  • A leasing program to develop our vast oil shale resources.

  • Controlled thermonuclear fusion research

  • Magnetohydrodynamic Power Cycles to convert coal and other fossil fuels into electric energy

  • Solar Energy: The sun offers an almost unlimited supply of energy if we can learn to use it economically

  • Geothermal Energy: There is a vast quantity of heat stored in the earth itself.

Government Reform

One thing history tells us is that no great movement goes in the same direction forever. Nations change, they adapt, or they slowly die.

The time has come for a new partnership between the Federal Government and the States and localities--a partnership in which we entrust the States and localities with a larger share of the Nation's responsibilities, and in which we share our Federal revenues with them so that they can meet those responsibilities.

To achieve this goal, I propose Congress enact a plan of revenue sharing historic in scope and bold in concept. Term limits are a MUST.