Ordinary Person Speaking Up for Ordinary Americans

Meet Lateresa

Lateresa has a reputation for bringing people together to get things done. 

She worked timeless to pass the Violence Against Women Act in 1994, organizing Americans from across the country to support the law.

She successfully defended and implemented a grassroots movement in the 2016 presidential elections, which saw record minority, and overall voter participation in the elections. 

In the private sector, Lateresa has been a successful small business owner. She's a fresh change from the career politicians  who only go to Washington to make themselves rich.

As an everyday American, Lateresa knows what regular folks in Florida and across the country are going through. 

Lateresa's candidacy is based on common-sense solutions for real Americans, with a focus on more jobs, better education, and safer streets.

Ms. Jones fights for those most in need, including children, the elderly, and the poor. 

As Senator, she will rise above the partisan bickering between both parties and fight for laws that benefit ALL Americans. 

Lateresa (left) pictured with Dr. Ben Carson, world-renowned neurosurgon and current US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.